Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Chrysler Ypsilon vs. High Heels

According to Chrysler (Lancia) in UK, a woman spends around £168 per month to look good. This can be extended more precisely; beauty products, shoes, clothes, magazines and lots of etc. From the advertisement, Chrysler (Lancia) is trying to give a message to women for substituting their high-heeled shoes for Chrysler (Lancia) Ypsilon. Chrysler Ypsilon vs. high heels is a big challenge!

Will it work? Of course not! Based on my experiences with fashion industry and blogger, women can live without a car but cannot live with a pair heels! Basically, women will not sacrifice to look good just for Ypsiolon. 

Meanwhile, Lancia's future is very unclear and Fiat Group may vanish the brand all of a sudden. That's another risk as well. Lastly, Fiat is marketing Lancia under the Chrysler brand in UK. I really don't know why.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Google Glass is Available at Mr. Porter

Google Glass available at Mr. Porter website, the men version of I was expecting to see the Google Glass on internet available for purchase but never thought it will be sold at a luxury digital department store, Mr. Porter. Based on this latest strategical decision of Google, Android product and its derivatives are not happy with quantity over quality strategy. 

Android, mobile operation system was focused on quantity over quality to increase their market share very aggressively and it worked. However, Android phones never managed to be cool like Apple or people started to queue for them. 

As I can see, Google is looking forward to develop emotional bond with luxury customers and try to compete with Apple for their future wearable gadget product range. Google Glass managed to create buzz and being at Mr. Porter is a good start. However, do you really want to buy a Google Glass? Yes and No. Many people want to try it but I really don't know if they are really looking forward to own one. 

Another issue is, Google Glass only works with Android devices. If you own a Google Glass, you need to own an Android phone. This trick was made by Apple as well. And quite reasonable. 

Whether you find the Google Glass pointless or extremely important gadget, we will see these type of  products more and more in near future. And personally, I like the design of the Google Glass, probably it is only premium looking Google product you can purchase.

Price of Google Glass? £1120! 

Photos Credits
Mr. Porter

Friday, 26 September 2014

New Mercedes C63 AMG is Cool and Uncool

Mercedes revealed the new C63 AMG unfortunately. Why this is an unfortunate incident? The main reasons are, C63 AMG is extremely loud and with this model, Mercedes offers louder exhaust than ever, C63 AMG is not well-known for its handling due to engine power that cannot be transferred to road and lastly, I couldn't find another reason. These things make the C63 AMG uncool but there are some cool things as well!

Despite the uncoolness of C63 AMG and it will be destroying our ear drums, Mercedes featured two new cool features. First one is the adaptive engine mounts. This technology can be found at Porsche 911 Turbo and minimises the adverse effects of engine while cornering. This improves handling! The other cool thing is the three stage ESP control (On, Sport, Off). All these three stages are connected with rear-differential lock to improve cornering. Also, Mercedes got ride of the 6.3-lt heavy engine and replaced it with a 4-lt turbo one! And I cannot ignore the fact that, the interior of C63 AMG is really good.

When you consider the new technologies packed under the Mercedes C63 AMG, I can admit that C63 AMG is getting better. When it will be a cool car? When Mercedes AMG realises that exhaust noise is something annoying!